Some Tips for Successful Telehealth Therapy


1)   Update your browser to the latest version

2)   If you have any programs running in the background, quit them. Some programs when minimized steal bandwith decreasing your connectivity. It can be helpful to restart your computer before our meeting. Having a wired connection can be helpful if possible. Alternatively you can use your cell phone. Download the app to your phone

3)   Find a quiet place that is free of distractions, interruptions, is private and confidential. 

4)   Headphones that have a mic can be very helpful.

5)   Eye contact is important. Take a moment to play with the video image. It can help not to have it at full size and place the camera at eye level or a little higher.

6)   At our appointment time you can click here:

This will send you to my virtual waiting room and I will accept the call at our time.

7)   If for some reason something should go wrong technically I will call you with the number you have provided. I can be reached by phone or text at 415.409.8821 provides these tips as well: Tips

I look forward to seeing you.