Dissertation Coaching

People often say "there's a good dissertation and a done dissertation" but it is possible to write something that is both good and done. Writing your thesis or dissertation is a journey to finding your voice, making a contribution to your field and setting yourself up as an expert for your career. 

As a dissertation coach I can help you wade your way through locating your specific topic, narrowing down your scope of research, and selecting a research method. Through coaching I can help you with staying accountable and offer support through this incredibly difficult task. I help students with time management skills, tools for staying focused, self-care practices and specialize in working with students with attention and learning challenges. 

Writing your dissertation often fills students with dread and seems overwhelming, daunting and impossible but it can be an empowering experience and even fun. 

If you are someone you know is interested in dissertation coaching please email me with your phone number and we can set up a free consultation to see if working together would be helpful for you.