ADDvantage: a 6-week skills-based group for Women with AD/HD

Women with AD/HD are often diagnosed later in life. Having had to suffer silently and spent much of their lives developing strategies to hide their challenges, they often develop feelings of shame and low self-esteem.  Women also carry an extra burden of cultural expectations.  The goal of this group is to harness your strengths and creativity, and cultivate the skills you need to take you from feeling disorganized to thriving in your life. As a skills-based group, this would be a good adjunct to those already in individual therapy or on it’s own. The group will have an educational portion, group participation as well as homework to complete each week. 

Please contact me if you are interested to discuss enrollment and fees. Below is an overview of the curriculum: 

Week 1: What is AD/HD and ‘Who am I’?What AD/HD means in your life and how to understand your self and your story. Developing a coherent self-concept through self-compassion.

Week 2: Focusing and the Wandering Mind: Directing and anchoring your attention and awareness. Breathing exercises. Slowing down and cultivating mindfulness.  

Week 3: Self-care and Lifestyle: How to check in with and care for your body’s needs. Creating daily routines and rituals to support you. Information on medication, nutrition, supplements, and exercise resources.

Week 4: Relationships and AD/HD: Revealing yourself and the fear of being unmasked.  Ways of operating that cause disconnection and isolation and how to create healthy relational self-protection in your life in ways that recharge you. 

Week 5: Time management, schedules and routines: How to develop a new relationship to time that serves you. The use of a day planner, ways to plan as a way to safeguard your energy and goals. How to say “no”, and a powerful “yes”.

Week 6: The boogie monster and tackling what you’re avoiding: Addressing patterns of avoidance, feelings of overwhelm and ways to tackle projects that feel too big into smaller tasks. Feeling confident and competent. Harnessing your unique creativity to work to your advantage.

E-mail for more information